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For 2 years, between June 2003 and May 2005, I served in the US Peace Corps as an Environmental Education Extension Agent. I was assigned to the village of Dimat Diery, located near the Senegal River in the very North of the country.

Photos from Senegal can be seen by clicking on the map above

During this time I sent occasional group emails to friends and family - feel free to peruse these letters by clicking on the numbers below.

Senegal emails: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 11 13 14

I also had the opportunity to travel to a few neighboring countries on vacation - photos from these trips can be seen in the photo gallery.


Below you can see a detail of the northern part of the country, where I lived. On the country map above, find the word Senegal written on the top middle, indicating the Senegal river. This is more or less the middle of the map below. My village is Dimar, right in the middle (aka, Dimat Diery); Thille Boubakar is my local market town; Ndioum, on the right, is where Peace Corps has their regional house.